2312 by Kim Stanley RobinsonReview by Mick Gillies

Beginning with Mercury in 2312 with mankind having moved off planet to create new colonies throughout the solar system on moons, planets and even asteroids. But now a sequence of events will force humanity to confront its past, present, and future. For Swan Er Hong a builder,creator and designer of worlds comes a task she never thought she would have to perform – destruction of what she has created.

This is a profoundly complex novel with a vast array of characters and situations. Even though; for me, this book is not as good as Robinson’s earlier works (The Red Mars trilogy) but then they were truly amazing and it would indeed be difficult to keep up to such a level. I found the lists included and references to fictitious references rather tedious and not overly neccessary. The ideas utilised for terraforming planets in preparation to┬ácolonisation are remarkable and well thought out. The gender changing idea(Many people can change gender as they please) was both quirky yet interesting.

The plot itself was a little confusing and never really melded within the story in that the actual threats weren’t dealt with in depth and in a satisfactory method.

All in all a very good read for fans of the Science Fiction genre and for those that aren’t I recommend you give it a try because this book caters for many styles of reader.

3 1/2 stars out of 5

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