The Kingdom by Clive Cussler with Grant BlackwoodReview by Sarah Baker

The Kingdom is the third book in the Fargo Adventure series. The series is based around a husband and wife treasure hunting team, Sam and Remi Fargo.
The story starts many centuries ago with a sacred object known as the Theurang. The city where the Theurang is kept is under threat of a siege and must be moved by the Sentinels, who duty is to protect it. The Sentinel carrying the Theurang narrowly avoids capture and disappears with the Theurang.
We then move on into the 1600′s in the Frontier Wastelands of China, where a pair of Italian brothers, Guiseppe and Francesco Lana de Terzi are building a flying machine for the Emperor. From the 1600′s we come to the modern day where Sam and Remi are hired by a wealthy Texan, Charles King, to find a investigator, Frank Alton, who has gone missing. Normally this would not be a case for Sam and Remi, except Frank is a friend of theirs. They accept the job to find Frank, but very soon discover that Charles has a very different plan in mind for them. It appears that Charles is also searching for the Theurang, and is using Sam and Remi to get it for him. He sends his children, Russell and Marjorie, as well as his wife Zhilan to keep an eye on them, whilst trying to cover up the real reason they were hired.

Sam and Remi find themselves on an adventure that takes them to Tibet, Nepal, China, Venice and Siberia in a quest to find the Theurang before Charles King does, whilst trying to avoid being killed.
I have to say, I really enjoy reading the Fargo series. Sam and Remi are very likable characters, and as a married couple, compliment each other nicely. They are always there for each other and support each other when the going gets tough. They are assisted by a “back-up crew” of Selma, their chief researcher and logistical guru, Pete, an assistant with a degree in Archaeology and Wendy, another assistant with a degree in Social Sciences. Together this backup crew does all the research necessary and makes sure travel arrangements are in place so Sam and Remi have as much information as possible at their disposal, as well as being able to get to where they need to be on their next step of their adventure as fast as possible.
If you enjoy a fast paced adventure, that combines history with the modern day, then read The Kingdom.

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